Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stock Market's Rebound Humbled

Added the 3 charts i couldn't post last night.

Sunray: Despite lower price, the volume remained relatively light.

DataCraft: How I rode the waves

Rotary on the weekly chart.

Our market rebounded in tantem with US trades overnight. However, it was a pretty weak closing. I think we displayed true blue Singaporean spirit of kiasu'ism maybe. Nikkei closes up 160 over points yet we only manages 3 pts. Anyway, I read the rally of US as strong! It should continue tonight. Let's see. Chinese have this saying, " Opportunities amidst Chaos" I still expecting selective counters to finish strongly tomorrow.

I have difficulty uploading my charts to this website. Hence I will post it to my yahoo group instead. Luckily I have kept a group otherwise I cannot continue to share! :P Those who are not in the group, i will try to upload tomorrow morning instead provided no problems with the hosting server. But of course the most simplest way is to join my group! :D

There are no quick pick today as i was busy looking after my 6 holdings. I tried to look for lobangs accross the board but I couldn't focus because i have no more bullets. Hence I decided to analyse my own holdings.