Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lessons on taking losses in Stock Market

My anticipation of a rally falls short with only Friday left, the chance of breaking STI 2450 looks remote. STI 2450 is very strong, we are unable to break it after numerous attempts. Flip the chart around what will be the thoughts? Support is very strong! Buy Buy! So i expect some weakness and retracement if 2450 is not broken. Corrections only hor, i'm not turning into a big bear. Anyway depends on how deep is the corrections too.

Whenever I analyse a stock, i will try to be in the shoe of the manipulator. How would i play the stock so that i can push it up. Stock market is a dirty place...lots of unscruplous manipulators around...learn to think like them.

Brilliant: what i saw on the weekly chart. I never buy stocks that are in a major downtrend. Too many stale bulls waiting to get out.

Semb Mar: I was right abt it's good results but market think otherwise. I ignore my own T.A sell signal because i think market will like the results. I was wrong and punished!

Rotary Eng: A look at the weekly chart. So far so good, i will be more worried if it closes down on a volume of 35 million tomolo? possible? i dun think so!

Media Ring: Why buy a diamond ring? This ring can appreciate in value but not romantic though. haha Latest news!!! Media Ring and Google collaborating!!!! The offical report is sent to my yahoo group. Patience rewarded! :D

FerrorChina:An example of why you should not cut loss just because your cut loss price is triggered. Volume is a key essential!

Sunray: Please refer to my chart. All the conditions of holding onto price weakness is found here. I hope you can apply successfully in the future. Prior Trend, light volume when down, high volume when up and RSI remain highs which means buying strong. T.A is not very difficult to learn. It is mostly common sense after you understand the psychology behind it. Those charts you find very difficult to understand and chart, don't buy! Just wait patiently for a chart that you can understand the movement. Normally this is easy money. : ) But question is, do you have the patience? Don't get me wrong, i do admire people who chart very skillfully and able to dissect a chart movement with complex indicators. But for me, as a full time employee, i prefer to buy those higher chances of winning.

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