Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stock Market STI index threatening breakout!

Look out Singapore, STI is trying to make new high!!! After at least 5 sessions of selling, market saw an afternoon of rebound. It came with the rebound in Nikkei bourse. The morning started like a thunderstorm with prices retraced terribly. What a nice way to end the session on a Valentine's day! hehe With my anticipation on Sunday night coming true, i begin to breath easier. I was squeezed very very tightly by the declines. Many a times I felt like cutting loss. Notice "felt" in that statement? Emotional trading!!! Alas i avoided that trap and stuck to my trading system. Now, i'm all ready to take profits from the market as the budget is being announced. If I manage to pull this one off, please remind me to share with you what I saw and observed that made me confident of a rally this week despite weak prices. Also the psychology part how i avoid selling unneccessary. Otherwise i will continue to improve and share only when things worked. : )

Sunray: Price decline on low volume.

DBS: Reversal signs are there, It will be better if the volume exceeds yesterday's volume. The bullish divergence is seen with some lax...ideally we should have a new low in price. However, 2 indicators indicated divergence and 20 day moving average looks set to be well supported.

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