Monday, July 27, 2009

Properties pause for a breather

hehehe My OCO order was triggered today! Technology! Cool! For those not familiar with this, OCO is one cancel other. I had set one protective stop to protect my profits incase the price of my banking stock comes down and then a limit sell at $12.90... oh nevermind that i missed the 6 cents higher closing is already good profit, i shall take it with many thanks. haha Upon close scrutiny of the chart, wah it seems like it can still climb higher.. however, no choice, country comes first.. wahaha

Okie my property counter isn't doing so fantastically well. In fact it closed lower than Friday's closing. My trailing stop looks set to be triggered tomorrow if market gaps down. Unless Dow edges forward again! :D A quick screen shows that many property counters are resisted. It's about time they do so as they have been defying gravity for the longest of time. Financials is the star of today's session closing very strongly. Now that property sector has paused, if financial starts to do so... then perhaps market may retrace/correct. We then can start to look at those support to long again! What about commodities and related sector? They too showed weakness in price. Nan dao financial is the last leg up? lai, let's see what happens tomorrow.

Eh, you must be wondering, how come reservist still can blog? still can watch market? Today is just the first day where we settle admin work...the busy schedule should start once the orientation is complete. Why don't i take a 3 weeks break from market completely? I won't do that.. it is important that i continue to observe how the market trades during the next 3 weeks.. this will be helpful when i make my return to trading in 3 weeks time.

Counting down... 20 more days to go...

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