Wednesday, August 26, 2009

重出股林 Return to Trading

I need more time before i make my return to blogging my trading ideas again... need to re-adjust my time again... Reservist is super boring that i may have become stupid and less agile... Like i said 10 yrs ago, i can be a good citizen but i am not a good soldier. let me test my market opinion with my money and once on track then i share again. I have set the date of my return on 6th September 2009.

我需要多一些时间。回了营,受了训的我仿佛以变得阑珊。。变得迟屯。。我可以是一个很好的公民,但我不会是一个好军人。 我将在这期间重组我的股市技巧与感觉。。一旦和股市的脉搏有了联系,我便再一次出击。 我估计,这一天会是在九月六日。 敬请期待。。。

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