Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here without Ah-Gu

I watched on as the market once again recovers from intra-day weakness and finished the Friday session on a high note. I deviated from my game plan where i would have taken profit on the banking stock which i picked up on Thursday closing. Dow didn't play punk with me on Thurs and Friday it closed strong again. I figured it must have frustrated the shortists. Once we crossed the 9k mark firmly, most bears would have to run for cover and that's what happened on Thursday night? At least this is what i think. Alright, back to my positions, i saw the market actions and somehow it prompted me to keep my positions. It looks like it's the first day of breakout and i would expect more upside for the upcoming days. Thus, i intend to set trailing stops. My idea is, if i am wrong, and the market do a sudden reversal, then at most i lose back some of my profits. But if i am right, i will end up making alot more than now. As my reservist is starting, i cannot add new positions or be active in trading. But it is still useful to check out the broad market through screening. The post market analysis confluence with what i observed on Friday. Indeed, alot of breakouts akan datang. Weakness or cautious is when i start to see many stocks not going higher anymore.

I will not be around to watch the market for the next 3 weeks. Alas, my reservist will start tomorrow... what bad timing. Somemore cannot bring laptop or my 3G phone in...7am to 11pm... Hence i can only leave orders in the system. Anyway, i will be taking this good chance to read up on more T.A techniques... to me, this reservist is like i go into the mountains to learn kungfu. wahahahaha

During my absence, i hope you guys make more! Huat arh! and i will see you as and when i can get online!

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