Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stock Market Trading on the fence

We had a profit taking day. I checked and found that most of the counter did not encounter heavy sell off. My guess is, it was profit taking at work. But it must be noted that most of the counters retreated from their highs. With the index soaring at 6 yrs high, many analysts have called for corrections or retracements. Well, i do agree with them, not that i'm bearish, but retracement is good for a sustained uptrend. Remember we retraced after January'06? People were calling for the big bear? Now look at where we are! : ) As long as i don't see a big bearish candle, i'm confident to continue trading.

GrowMoney QuickPick
Stock: Line of least resistance
Landwind: 0.475
AIM: 0.380
UTAC: 0.985
Electrotech: 0.590
Semb kim: 0.575
Rotary: 0.595
Contel: 0.440
CG-Tech: 0.420
ChinaPaper: 0.525
ChinaWheel: 0.440
Labroy Marine: 1.52

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