Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stock Market tangoes Traders and Investors

Pardon me for my broken English used here as i cannot be bothered to correct it as long as you can understand. haha Late night leh, just wanted to quickly share my observations. E-books are written over time hence I have the time to use my best English my teacher ever taught! haha Anyway, market was unbelievable! Intra day selling was well abosrbed and like a wave, counters were pushed much higher in the afternoon. 1 sector to note was Oil, Gas Play are in. Did you saw how oily the day got? haha I posted on Sunday night saying i smelt consolidations in oil plays and bingo! Just like when i anticipated a move in property in Jan'06, i hope my yahoo group members still remember. Judging from the volume, it looks great. Let's see the true colours of them tomorrow!

Aiyo, when you are happily making money hor, don't forget about Decipher hor, e-books, charts, quickpicks, live chats... i done my best! keke so can you please....err....erm.... :D Must remember this blog is monetised by??? haha

Look back at my list of quickpicks, power man!!!! :D Sometimes i really wish i have the time to just seat here and trade. : ) But with a small capital, i know i cannot expect to win so much at a time. It's simple, 10k's 100% is 10k while 100k's 100% is 100k which can sustain a lifestyle in Singapore. Hence i still have to continue to be an employee and save the hell out of my pay to get that dream capital to be a Trader!

Rotary: Remember it's $500 million deal on Jurong island? I always believed it's story not over yet...let's see how it performs tomorrow as 0.590 seems to be a tough nut to crack.

TiongWoon: This chart should be read together with the last Tiong Woon chart i posted. You should observed that price retraces with light volume. While i may have to cut my ChinaWheel (Buy 0.445; sold 0.335) I got into TiongWoon as it breaks out. : )

Zhonguo Power: Volume retraces with light volume after breakout, look at Tiong Woon's chart. If my anticipation is right, once 0.380 taken out convincingly, it will be a powerful one.

GrowMoney QuickPick
Stock: Line of least resistance
I will buy once they break the line of least resistance. My plan is simple, sit on it and ride the profits, if next day comes hesistation of not moving up or i detect the slightest selling, i will just cut my position.

MemTech: 0.345
Cosco Corp: 1.32
AusGrp: 0.380
AsiaPharm: 0.880

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