Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stock Market At Historical high!

There were plenty of bearish stocks and many blueline retraced. Attention were at STI component stocks. The overnight big rally of US market spured the region on and we closed at historical high. Penny shares might not return to the limelight so soon. Tonight's homework yield no good stocks for quickpick. However i tried to use T.A to bring to you the probables.

Oil plays went muted again today. It seems like a one day wonder where they surged in price and volume. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

GrowMoney QuickPick
I noticed too many people had no trading plan when they put on a trade. Remember, this is a sure way to lose control. Quickpick list highlights stocks to you and you must study it and devise a plan before you put on a trade. There are 700 over stocks, and this list shows you what I am looking at.

Sunray (Watch...Weekly chart very swee)
Thomson Medical

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