Monday, April 24, 2006

Record Crude Oil Taking the shine of stock market

aHigh oil price is finally taking toll on the market. I would still think it's a normal retracement after a crazy run up. For the pennies, it has been a straight 4th sessions of decline. I am seeing selling drying up in some counters. After my analysis, it seems more like a mixed session than the 419 losers vs 200 gainers. I am not bearish as yet.

Don't worry, I will still be updating my websites every night although i am not available during daytime. It's no open secret that it is what we do after 5pm that determines our wealth! In fact, i see end of day analysis more important than trading hours. Trading plans should be formularised before market starts and you should stick to it.

Newbie, Yoyo is right, I have sold my mediaring since last week! keke Last week got voices telling me to take profit and not to be greedy. hahaha

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