Monday, April 10, 2006

Stock Market leaves it till late in the day

After my analysis, i found that my quickpick list getting shorter and shorter. Did you guys realise that? This shows that the natural consolidation/corrections/retracement stocks are running out. We could be seeing the last few breakouts before the turn in the market. Fear not, this turn is only good for a sustained uptrend. As for my daily sentiment scan, market is just slightly bullish. I prefer to stay nimble for now.

There were 2 charts i wanted to highlight today. K1 Venturs and Keppel Land. 2 counters that failed the blueline breakout. I have always shared how blueline worked wonderfully, but today you shall learn how to see the sell signal. Again, blogspot failed me, hence i'm sending to yahoo group.

Anyhow, congrats to all who hold MediaRing! hahaha It is stocks like Media Ring, Midas, Tat Hong...etc...that makes the small loss at failed breakout mediocre. It is not how often you win, it is how much you win when you are correct and how much you loss when you are wrong.

GrowMoney QuickPick
I will buy once they break the line of least resistance. My plan is simple, sit on it and ride the profits, if next day comes hesistation of not moving up or i detect the slightest selling, i will just cut my position.

Stock: Line of least resistance
BioTreat: 1.28
ZhongGuo Power: 0.370
Rotary: 0.595
Tiong Woon: 0.335
AsiaPharm: 0.840 (Make sure you have a game plan when you buy. Stock should not decline, if it does, a failure of breakout.)
AsiaEnv: 0.370
Aqua: 0.845

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