Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stock Market and Regionals Divergenced!

Wow! Thank you people! Yesterday i checked and found many of you rewarded me for my unselfish efforts on this blog. Appreciate it. Thanks! :D

Today STI closes higher despite regional weakness! haha How wierd...isit a trap? A quick check with my daily sentiment analysis showed that, it was bullish! Remember last few sessions has been mixed? Today it was bullish. But with Oil price testing US$70 per barrel...i have my doubts about how long this can sustain. Sometimes i wonder did the US Govt long the oil contract before they confront Iran each time...very lucrative!....hahaha *just for laughs, do not sue me* However do note that the surge in oil price is not due to demand and supply, but it's due to the US-Iran conflict. I saw alot of counters retraced from their highs. This is a warning sign of tired bulls.

GrowMoney QuickPick
I will buy once they break the line of least resistance. My plan is simple, sit on it and ride the profits, if next day comes hesistation of not moving up or i detect the slightest selling, i will just cut my position.

Stock: Line of least resistance
TiongWoon: 0.335
BioTreat: 1.28
ChinaWheel: 0.44
C&O: 0.495
Megmani: 0.385
SembCorp: 3.52
Hongfuk: 0.65
China Hongxing: 1.40
ChinaSun: 0.815
ZhongGuo Power: 0.370
MemTech: 0.340
Seksun: 0.400
ElectroTech: 0.590
LandWind: 0.540
AIM: 0.380

*Tonight i casted the net further, because i ignored WantWant last night and we saw how it brokeout... @#@$@!@@#!
Remember it is not buy all and hope one of them gives u profit! It pays to look at those counters only if it breakouts!

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