Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stock Market could continue upward momentum

I am back! Looks like market is going to give me a big welcome tomorrow! haha Just nice for my return! hehe Look at my article on Thursday, April 20, 2006. That day i saw many warning signs on the many charts i scanned hence i ought to warn in this blog. Hence, you saw the article was not your usual quickpick list and instead it contained bearish stocks and stocks that might interest you.

I don't rely just on blueline alone. There are many other weapons in my arsenal. It is important that you apply different strategy for different times. When i did my scan during this week, at the back of my head was the down days since last Tuesday...hence instead of searching for blueline stocks, i began to hunt for bottom fishing. When market was red hot few weeks ago, i scan for blueline stocks because i saw many stocks breakout of 52 weeks high from sound bases. Flexibility and knowing the market condition is important.

Tonight, no interesting chart to draw but i'm sticking to my analysis on sunday night where i drew many charts in anticipation of what will happen this week. Quickpick list returns tonight and other than the all time favourite of blueline, we now have bearish stocks and also stocks that could be doing a reversal.

Again i would like to rally for appreciation from you my dear friends to continue support this blog! It is your undaunting support that motivates me to deliver value and priceless information at your fingertips. Please don't just come, take and go everyday! Do something!!! :P

GrowMoney QuickPick
Stock: Line of least resistance
AsiaPower: 0.345 (Slow moving stock though)
TatHong: 1.06
Sembkim: 0.635
SembMar: 3.20
Stats: 1.34 (If Nasdaq behaves tonight, why not?) :D
UTAC: 1.02 (Powers ahead with volume, can try but make sure you are willing to cut loss if wrong)
DBS: 17.40
Kepland: 5.05
Luzhou: 0.715

Ho Bee


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