Thursday, December 25, 2008

Takeaways from Traders Club

I closed my positions on StraitsAsia as well as Yanlord after they both hit my profit targets and didn't go down further. Hence i'm on the hunt for the next profitable opportunity. At the Traders Club Christmas Party... we went through the following observations, STI has a bearish pennant, Offshore seems to be supported... and of all the banks, OCBC has the best risk/reward... Cosco & KS energy looks to be forming a base... Guys, it isn't the stock picks that made Traders club a must-attend event... it is the how to analyse that is more important and valuable. Just like what i told a prospect... he told me no money, win first then attend training... a friend of mine R said the same thing... The customer after hearing just one important sentence from me, became a customer. How many more thousands are u going to lose before you give up? He got stuned... he must be thinking, how come i knew... of course i knew! i have been through it myself. If you don't know something, you ought to learn... how can u say let me find a lawyer job first before i study law... let me jump into the water first before i learn how to swim...

Offshore movement is key here, if they start another leg up, do watchout for banks and properties again... Friday's closing my set tone for last trading week of the year. Christmas Eve's closing may not mean anything as the volume is very light to have any significance.

I did something which i haven't been doing regularly for the longest time... that is to give back to society. I intend to do it in 2 forms... my time as well as monetary... I had been too caught up with the little noise in my head....why am i not making loads of money... why am i so busy... why my life so miserable... i think the infrequent updates on this blog clearly shown that i have not been myself for most of 2008. The Decipher that went into a coma.... but i'm back! Trust me when i say i am enjoying sharing and trading all over again... huat arh! By the way, the ultimate graduates gathering should be during Chinese New Year.... keep a lookout!

To continue on my "give"... i shall help as many people as possible through my analysis of the stock market here in this blog as well as the graduates of ChartNexus at our events and at the graduates only forum. As for Monetary, i am giving to the charity of my choice Children's Cancer Society of Singapore. : ) Since i have the ability to trade successfully, i shall do my bit to make this planet a better place for the less fortunate. Gosh... kids... they are really an innocent bunch to be suffering.

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