Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The loving feeling....

Ah.... the loving feeling is back.. the sweet profit from HSI sent me to cloud nine... my patience paid off handsomely when it went down to more than 1000 points in 2 days. Ahh... the last time i had a wonderful time trading HSI was in 2006.... back then i was using warrants and this time round, i used CFD which is a better instrument to use than warrants. This is because using warrants, we need to pay attention to strike price, premium, theta and delta... CFD simply bet up or down.

Since the trading week is short, i shan't increase my position in stocks. Rather, i may look to long or short on the index for the immediate term. My screening reveals that the volume traded today is still very light. Even in the forex market, currencies are moving in a tight range... this is almost the last week of the year, perhaps many traders have closed book for the year. Watch what happens after Christmas... it should set the tone for the last week of the year and any spillover to January should be scrutinised.

Decipher wishes you a Merry Christmas and a huat huat good time in the market!

Christmas is a time to share and care. I have chosen to donate my well wishes to the Children Cancer Society. Though the amount is not big, ahh well... since universe bestowed me the ability to trade and inspire, i have to give back in return. If the purpose of life is to add value to other people's life... it's a rich feeling!

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