Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Offshore sails again

Offshore stocks moved again... Interesting... time for me to look at banks and properties.. Remember I did mentioned about sector rotation? It seems like the market may be taking turns to rotate.. The only thing i am cautious about is that the primary trend is a down trend and we ought to pay attention to those resistances overhead. Frankly speaking... i am not really interested in turning long on stocks based on the fundamentals. Hence as of now, even if i have to buy, i won't load up heavy on long positions prefering to be cautious. This is because when the trend turns, it turns very fast these days.

As shared in a blog entry earlier in the month, if i see offshore moves, it may mean the market may head higher. Things i want to see happen, offshore companies break their highs and this is where i will look into property and bank sector for opportunities. Otherwise looking at other sector may not have the right gearing effect.

Volume is slowly creeping higher from 200 million to 600 million.... I think everyone is hoping for next week when the market begins the year 2009. Keep your eyes open to the regional indices for clues.... remember, STI will NEVER lead the global markets.

Happy New Year! Decipher wishes all readers a happy and a bountiful 2009 ahead..... Huat arh!

Thank you for your support all these years, without you, this blog will never be so interesting.

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