Monday, December 01, 2008

A loser speaks

Look this way if you want to see how a loser is throwing money away in the stock market. Capland looked destined to be my third consecutive loss since i came back from my holidays. Though small, i don't like to lose. It made me look stupid and not respecting money. Though i know i have the ability to win, but i am human afterall.... sometimes just need to bitch about it. I recalled reading some trading books, where they talk about a bad stretch of losses is common to any trader, i think i have hit onto one. Just when i am so motivated to create wealth and abundance, i hit into this barren spell.

The worse part is, while i am undergoing this bad spell of "gong tao", I just had a little disagreement with my significant other. I shall spill the beans right here, let's see when she will ever discover this post and ask me to remove. haha Now, it all started because of choosing holidays pictures to develop and file nicely in a photo album. Sound silly isn't it to start a little argument because of this? She wanted me to decide if we are going to develop 50 or 100 pictures because the coupons she gotten is very cheap, hearsay 0.15 only for a pic. Now the thing is, they are going to expire soon and if we don't use it, she intends to give some away to friends. So she asked if we can choose the photos right now? I rejected citing i have got to study the markets and choosing pictures will take at least 1 hour. Then came the justice bao face... but the funny thing is, she knows i needed the time and hence cannot be angry with me, yet at the same time she is feeling very pissed off! keke There is a common understanding about how i need my time after marriage.. there you go... because of 50 pictures, is it worth all the negative aura in the house? Welcome to marriage life for you singles out there! haha The thing is, for me, i don't mind letting her choose what pictures she wants to develop so it makes my life simpler, but for her, it will be so sweet to choose the pictures together... Men are from mars, women are from venus. Hence i always say, it is important to seek alignment with your loved ones if you are a trader... otherwise like today, i needed time to internalise the losing streak and still need to be understanding to her. Who's there for me at a time like this? .... My trusted blog....

Hence in order not to sleep in the living room, i have to stop here for today. Check back again for market analysis.

To all the married men, cheers!

P.S if you see the contents of this post modified, it means i have to sleep on the sofa for a few days... Market bless me.

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