Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Market lukewarm to Ben's cut

Dow overnight jubilant closing failed to inspire Asia. Now, what i am most frustrating about is how goldman and JPMorgan failed to drag market lower. They reported losses! Again CPI data came in worse than expected. Yet market remains non-chalent to these... Ben has cut more than expected and market responded... or did it. If we look at Asia today, we opened up... then drift lower as thoughts about profit taking tonight prompted traders to book profits. However Nikkei and HSI closed higher in the afternoon.... ahh... always good to see market close higher at closing..

For me, step A has happened, that is Ben's cut rate, it should spur market on... however it didn't today, so instead of B happening, C is likely to happen.. C would be a pull back. To see pull back, i need to observe if broadbased stocks are coming off their resistances... i know many bank shares are off their highs.. hence if i start seeing one by one they start to appear... *dang dang dang*

YanLord: Bottomed?

No results from screening tonight... however at ChartNexus Traders Club tonight, we identified 6 stocks for trading. Tomorrow i shall see if there is any opportunities. For graduates who can't turn up, we will post it on the graduates-forum.

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