Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dow refuses to head lower

Much to my dismay, Dow had refused to head lower. I had to cover my Dow short before i went to bed when govt came out to assure investors that they will find another alternative to save the auto mobile industry. Actually, it is better they save it as the implication may be worsed than lehmann. What about Madoff? Simply amazing.... I wonder how many rich people will be affected. If there are any implications to the economy? The econs numbers last week was as i anticipated... BAD. Hence i shorted... but once again, the resilience of the bulls saved the day as we close higher from lower. In theory, this is a text book market bottom where market ignores the bad news. But how far can this rally runs? Actually i give it 3-month shelf life or the 50-day MA or 100-day MA whichever comes first. After the third month i will turn cautious. Otherwise, i will be eyeing those resistance levels. Fed's meeting on Tuesday may be why the market is holding up. Currencies are breaking recent highs and surely on an uptrend. hmm... what's the impact of a rate cut? How will market take it? Given that we refuse to head lower. Chances are Fed will once again cut.. inorder for market to crash, i think a rate hike or unchanged or one of the car companies collapse will rock the market.

The picture on the left is a snap-shot from the new ChartNexus Training Center....conducive for those weekend classes... i think the feng shui is good, as ever since we moved, we had 3 months of sell-out courses. This new training center will also be the place where our traders club members meet. By making this investment in training facilities, all graduates from the program will have a place to gather. Like i said, i want to help as many people as i can. Either through the blog, ChartNexus forum or directly at those traders club meeting. I want to show you how easy it is to be done by sharing my thoughts and my experience.

I am also planning to meet all the old graduates way back from 2006 to 2007 Dec. There are approximately 500 of you out there whom i may have disconnected. Rest assured i forget you not... the latest course rules will be shared in a seminar where i will personally teach you on the direct applications. Just wait for my email invitation.

The favourite question i was asked recently was, is this the market bottom? Is it safe to buy now. My answer is, i don't know. How would anyone know? Even Alan greenspan said he didn't see the current financial meltdown coming...Bufett never buy at the exact bottom. And me? I'm just deciper.. your friendly neighbourhood blogger. My method is simple and consistently i have been practising it. I seek inspiration from Jesse Livermore and of course a friend whom i looked upon as mentor. Remember what did Livermore said? Ask not where the market is heading... but ask yourself, what will you do when the market gets there. Those following my blog for the longest time should find this phrase familiar... i keep talking about this since 2006. What it meant was, you must form an opinion about the market, like if A happens, B should happen, and when B happens, i hoot... then when C happens, i cut my loss or if D happens i ride my profits or if E happens I take my profits and look elsewhere. Those looking for a sure win method aka the holy grail.. you will be massively disappointed! As those of us who make money from the market knows that losses are part and parcel of the game and this is how the game is played. Lose small and win BIG! Am i worried about my Short on StraitsAsia? Hell no! If that position turn against me, it only means one thing to me, the market is going to head higher... otherwise, if market turns down from here, i will add more shorts... if market break the 52-week low, hailoya... i will hoot tua tua..

From my strategies screening, i have got 3 sell signals based on the trend-trading strategies.... guess what? I won't take the sell signals! Simply because the primary criteria is not met... and what is it?? THIS IS NOT A TRENDING MARKET! Simple! From ADX and the price range, we are in a range trade, and using a trend trading strategy now is like throwing money into the drain. In the course, we teach you when to use what strategy and this is very important!

Saw the sticks? They were actually broken arrows. This is what they call breaking the arrow using the throat...or rather the soft spot under-neath it. This was taken at the seminar i went to before i went for my holidays. A paradigm shift. I knew i need to sought inspiration... i tried to tell myself to aim for big money in trading... ahh... that should motivate me... but it only last a few weeks...then i found what i want... i want to inspire people! Each year, i will continue to learn from the gurus and experts... as the saying goes, the day you stop growing, u start dying.

That is why you see that i am blogging so much and sharing my thoughts on trading... On the left is how my late night "taxi-driving" looks like.. I hope they produce monitors that are at least 1 meter in length in the future... then spare me looking at 3 screens.. Why do i call it taxi driving? Back in the late 90s where many professionals got retrenched and many turned to taxi driving to make a living... some hold two jobs and driving taxi was a part time.... i was trading the new york market which is easily past 12 mdnight hence i termed it taxi driving... on good nights, can close shop as early as 1am.. bad nights... 3am....

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