Monday, December 22, 2008

DBS Scare

The rights issue by DBS inflicted damage to the morale. The worse part is i just blew away my position because of the sudden trading halt. Remember i was beoing DBS at $9... my sell stop has been there getting ready for such a day... mana zai, shortly after lunch, i was told DBS issue rights and the stock price has plunged. I logged on and thought this time tua ho say... i remembered telling myself not to be greedy and must cover back because for CFD, i ain't sure about the implication from a rights issue. HOWEVER!!! by the time i logged on, my buy stop was triggered and the system had taken my loss on DBS when it trades higher after the gap down. What a big disppointment otherwise it was a great day for me!

My shorts swing into profits with HSI leading the way with a 500 points tank. When i saw capitaland tanks, i think i am more than right about the direction of the market and procastinated on adding to my shorts. I hold back. This is a short trading week and volume is expected to be light and thus the market can swing either way wildly. I already have 3 short positions and i don't feel safe adding to my shorts.

Midas came out from the screening result. and my sentiment screen tells me the trading volume today is suspiciously light. Not a time to be too bearish.... but still i would like to know why HSI was gunned down maliciously.... although not that i am complaining.. keke

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