Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trading a red hot market

Wah wah wah! Keppel Land and Capital Land rocks man. This is insync with my anticipation of the IR bidding opportunity. I posted my anticipation to my yahoo group hence you cannot find it in the posts of last weekend. However it must be noted, i was dead wrong about banks in January and cut my loss on DBS. I think y0u should be able to read it in the yahoo grp under messages. I can only salivate as both Lands are too expensive....so what to do? Play Cheena shares lor! haha The two stocks I bought base on Blueline theory still in profits. Infact all 4 contras last week are in profit! keke Yeah i admit i diverted from my own rules of no contra. But the way i see my blueline works magic in the market, i just cannot stand aside and do nothing. Hence here's what i did. I bought once they break the line of least resistance. My plan is simple, sit on it and ride the profits, if next day comes hesistation of not moving up or i detect the slightest selling, i will just cut my position. My risk is probably 2 to 3 cents but my profits is unlimited! Why? Just look at the rest of my quickpicks....they smelly smelly have profit margins of more than 3 cents easily. Don't take my words as it is, go study the past quickpick list and you will understand why i dare to contra. Please do not try this at home. keke I have the discipline to take losses, if you do not have. Do not contra!!!

GrowMoney Quickpick
Stock: Line of Least Resistance
Tat Hong: 0.890
ChinaSky: 1.06
AusGrp: 0.325
Starhub: 2.23
SembKim: 0.535
Zhongguo Powerplus: 0.340
Media Ring: 0.345
Labroy: 1.52
Tech oil & gas: 0.740

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