Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trading the blueline in stock market.

If you think i'm lucky with my blueline theory and my technical analysis is mediocre, look here .
This was what I saw Media Ring coming. It is important to be able to be in groove with the stock you are analysing. Some form of anticipation must be made and if the stock acts according to your anticipation, you will benefit. All the rules of how I learn this ability are documented in the charts. If you are interested, you may want to read from the November'05 Archives. There are differences between a healthy and normal retracement versus a bearish one. Read all about it from the Archives. It's free! However if reading is not your cup of tea, if you have kids at home that need your attention, you have a wife or husband that want you to sayang them after office hour, i am stepping out of cyber space to meet and teach soon. Just watch for the announcement. : )

It is human to buy at a cheaper price, they feel comforted if they buy at a discount. But in speculating, i realised the high goes higher. The expensive becomes more expensive. Don't take my words for it. Take a look at the charts. Aren't stocks always move to new high in explosive fashion? Now, if I am a speculator, isn't this a very profitable strategy? Every resistance will be broken one day, it is our job to detect when and how to capitalise! This is what blueline theory is all about. It is a simple yet effective strategy. If we are in a bear market, you can be sure there will either be many false breaks of resistance or there weren't any at all! So that is when we should look the other way, redline theory. Where the low goes lower.

GrowMoney Quickpick
Stock: Line of Least Resistance
Tat Hong: 0.890
Labroy: 1.52
SGX: 4.00
MediaRing: 0.345
KS Engery: 3.00
HongKong Land: 3.80
Chartered: 1.48
Sunray: 0.540
Midas: 0.585
Inter roller: 1.98
China Diary: 0.490
Hong Guo: 0.500
ChinaWheel: 0.440
C&O: 0.485
*If you do not know how to use this list profitably, be sure to read the past postings.

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