Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time For Trading the Singapore Stock Market

China stocks continued to be the favourites at the moment. However on late Friday afternoon, we saw profit taking accross the board. I checked my sentiment anlaysis of the Singapore Stock Market, it was rather mixed than bearish. US stock market rallies overnight. It looks almost certain that we will have a spill over effect tomorrow morning. The recent declines in many stocks are of light volume. Infact my own holdings were squeezed. I am not cutting loss as yet because this to me is a shakeout. The real threat comes from heavy volume selling. This is what i learnt over the years. Let's see would i be pleasantly surprise by end of the week.

I have also graphicised my quickpicks! Hence you have the charts at your fingertips! Another great initiative brought to you by Decipher. Also, I'm thinking of REIT 'ing my blog. Since I am receiving revenue from Google, i wonder if you guys are interested in being my shareholders and I pay dividends every month? keke Doesn't that sound fun? :D

GrowMoney QuickPicks

China Petro: A small Cup and a small handle

Capcomm: The ultra light volume has caught my eyes.

MFS: Watch out for the line of least resistance.

MediaRing: Possible of a shakeout of weakholders last week.

Rotary: Progressive Charting

Sunray: Fundamentally sound company. Recent weakness is a cause of caution with price still yet to show bottomed actions. Volume has been light though.

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