Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Singapore Stock Market bucked the trend!

With an overnight loss in US market, market opened threatening a carbon copy performance but not only did we hold our ground, the afternoon rally gave everyone a sweet surprise!

Exciting time is here! We are just a few steps away from STI's historiecal high of 2582!!! Once past this point...the sky's the limit. Also, please open and get ready your futures account. I will be getting ready to short the index all the way down. The great reversal will happen when a reversal pattern is formed on the weekly chart. I am going to get ready for that day. If you have regretted not buying at the bottom in 2003, now is the chance for you to short the bluechips! It is as profitable as buying in 2003. You will need a CFD or SBL account though. The reversal is not here yet hor....i'm just getting ready. :)

DataCraft: Very nice Channel Trading zone which offers good risk/reward opportunity.

Sunray: The rally today caught everyone by surprise. It was a share placement and market like the future outlook of the company. Look out for the line of least resistance.

MediaRing: The buying today totally reversed the sell off reaction to the news.

GrowMoney QuickPick
Decipher's blueline theory - so far Semb Corp and Ascott has been reacting well to this system.

Stock : Line of least resistance
Pac Andes : 0.735
Pine Agritech : 1.45
Tech Oil&Gas : 0.535
Capitaland : 4.20

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