Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stock Market bull trap?

The market finish today with as much of rebound as yesterday's declines. One very important missing factor was the volume! Volume is lighter today than yesterday for most counters. I was correct in anticipating a weak session after many of the breakouts U-turned which i mentioned in the last post. I rate today's rebound as weak.

Blueline theory is working it's charm! It was really a wonderful feeling as i checked and compare the results of my scans yesterday and the closing prices... you wouldn't believe it. YHI, ManWah, Thomson medical, Allgreen...they are in my homework! I didn't post them online because i was paper testing it. Now that it's more or less confirmed....*drum roll* Ladies and Gentlemen, may i present to you, the likely stars of tomorrow!

Blogspot fails again when it comes to uploading of charts. Anyway, there is no need to see charts, i seen and filtered what i like and dislikes. Convenience at your fingertips. : ) Reward me pls!!!

Growmoney QuickPick
Stock : Line of least resistance
Asia Env : 0.325
Hong Guo: 0.475
C&O : 0.480
ChinaWheel: 0.395
ChinaPetro: 0.710
China Diary: 0.470
Semb Kim: 0.535
Wingtai: 1.70
MFS: 1.18
Keppel Land: 4.50
Ezra: 2.64
HPL: 1.84

Remember, it must break convincingly, otherwise just cut loss. For a true breakout, it will follow through the next day. If it dilly dally, just cut.

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