Monday, March 27, 2006

Decipher to teach Stock Market Trading ?

By now, i'm sure alot of people are curious about what is blueline theory and line of resistance? Why decipher's growmoney quickpick has an uncanny accuracy? Let me describe blueline theory one more time. : ) Stocks that break their line of least resistance (I termed it blueline) will continue it's movement upwards the chart. However, not every stocks that break the resistance will be successful, some will falters and come back down. Hence there are a full range of rules of how to identify blueline stocks and track them. How to manage emotions trading them and a good system to make this system profitable. Currently, I'm gathering all these rules and testing them. The most important work i'm doing is back testing this strategy from 2002. I don't want to be in the dark if this strategy only works in 2006!!! Suicidal! I die alone nevermind, i cannot let 700 of you die with me! So right now, just take my quickpick list and do your own analysis.

Also, i'm preparing for a "Meet the people session" in April. This session is really to meet and say hello to you, just like our MPs hor. keke Be sure to join my yahoo group to be invited. Limited seats hor. : ) I will also hold a ballroom size kind of training session to teach all i know. Don't worry, it will not be charged in the thousands! It will be reasonably, affordably priced. When I started trading, it is exactly the expensive courses and trading software that irks me. How to attend a course if it will cripple my trading account? I rather you keep the money and use it to trade. If I can start a blog for free sharing, you can trust me to deliver best value at a price that won't eat up your trading account! So join my yahoo group so that you will receive the invitation when my materials are prepared!

Watch your profits! Tuesday night Fed Chief giving talks on economy...i don't know what he will say, but watch out! :D

GrowMoney QuickPick
Stock: Line of Least Resistance
Media Ring: 0.345
People's food: 1.24
SembKim: 0.535
Zhongguo Powerplus: 0.340
Starhub: 2.23
PacAndes: 0.780
Tat Hong: 0.890
ChinaSky: 1.06
AusGrp: 0.325

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