Thursday, March 09, 2006

Position updates for Singapore Stock Market

Singapore Stock Market had a late rally to close up above 2500 levels. However I noted that the broadbase market is led by losers than gainers. I would still exercise caution from here. Today I gave an update on my 3 positions. All 3 retraced with light volume but i am being squeezed. I still will not cut my position until i see heavy volume selling. Chng Kays sell on the way to the top or distribute at the top. They do not sell on the way down. This was what i learnt and I shall stick to it. Often times, i find myself keep changing strategies and that can prove costly if you see the stocks rebound and take out new high when you cut loss. The 3 counters I am holding are of sound FA. Let's watch on.

Rotary - short term weakness. But I have an anticipatio in April.

Sunray - Retraced from 52 weeks high on weak volume. Should be a healthy retrace before rockets up.

Media Ring - A turn around company. It's bidding war with Vantage on going. Currently the top VOIP play.

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