Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bulls take charge!

After so many days of mixed market, bulls lead the way convincingly with 307 winners against 192 losers with a heavy volume of 1213.1M shares! The 2500 mark is now a reality more than a dream! Nationaly Day is coming. This could be the best gift to the nation for her birthday! hahaha So far my T.A is working well again. All the support line stood. Is this luck mistaken for brilliance in a bullish market? Or have I matured? Time will tell. I'm just glad that i managed to realise my trading system has been too defensive in a bullish market. Remember, you must have an arsenal of trading system for different market condition.
I shall share more of the trading plan definition tomorrow as it is simply too late in the night now for me to write properly! ha! Ok cut the crap! haha Let's check out the charts I have prepared painstakingly. Please check out the advertisements if you enjoy my charts hor. Thanks!
Mai ka lim pei retrace hor!*hokkien* :D
(You better dun retrance tomorrow)

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