Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Bombing brushed aside!

If we market watchers feel sad for the victims of the London Bombings, we do not fear terrorism. It is something the market has got used to. The US market rallied aloud on Friday closing to set up a very interesting Monday for us tomorrow. For our own market, late profit taking took place on Friday before closing. Oil price fell below US$60 again, seems like the tropical storm isn't going to hit the oil rigs. But as wierd as it is, the fluctuations in oil price hasn't really impact our market yet. All I see is the impact on the petrol stations around our island where the poor uncles and aunties were busy changing the discount boards.

Hi-pi would be removed from my gem list because the trend indicator has flattened out and thus no more trend. Another reminder, do not use trend following indicator on counters that are not in a trend. It is most inaccurate and suicidal. Jurong Tech made it's way into my list. I have a chart posted for the reasons why it is enlisted. If you feel otherwise, please leave a comment. Let's learn together! As for the rest of the Gems, they continued to show prospect, infact i am about to trade cash for the first time in a month! The risk reward factor for unifiber is just too enticing for me. But the big wall at 0.395 is a major concern. But once it is broken down like Berlin wall, no holds bar, all the way to 0.50! hehehe (0.50 is my dream, not a target price in T.A) ST-Eng had announced a much better Quater than expected on Friday. No wonder the share price keep going up. Using Technical Analysis (T.A) I had spotted the pick up 1 week before the results and is now sitting on paper profit. Now, who says Technical Analysis doesn't work? haha T.A indicators shows the buying and selling intensity. So any insider trades are picked up. They are not just used to measure history chart patterns. It's a whole tool box. It depends on how you use them. I must continue to polish my T.A skills. Any mistakes in T.A will be recorded here as well, so that you my friend, do not make the same mistake. If you don't make mistakes, there's only 1 way your capital will go, NORTH! : )

Thanks guys for visiting my site. This site came alive because of your participation. Your chart requests enable me to practise more chartings and also an opportunity to unearth hidden gems. However, I urge more participations through the shoutbox on the left, and leaving your technical comments on my charts. This way we can really learn together like a big community. I am compiling a list of top 10 CPF investment counters from SI forummers. Shall share with you here. Let's grow money together!

You should have noticed a difference in the site today. I added trading advertisements incase you are interested in some products, you can click the links there. There is also a google search bar for you to use when you had parked your browser at my page and wished to get information elsewhere.

Last but not least, I am continuing to grow this community. You can help me by forwarding my URL to fellow shares fanatics. Fellow traders from friendsters, I hope you can share your thoughts or picks on the share market here as well. Sorry if I spammed your inbox. : )

*As traders, we are lonely because the people next to us doesn't understand our ups and downs in emotion because of the market.