Monday, July 11, 2005

Jurong Tech Spot on!

It was a bullish day today as the gainers win hands down,
Vol 714.9 M, Val 729.8 M
Rise 340, Fall 133
The market was boosted by lower oil price, US market rally and the better than expected manufacturing data. The 2H GDP was also adjusted. Ever since I lost my last trade in June, I turned so wary abt STI retracement that I missed some good opportunities.

Am I being too *hum ji? Isn't chasing after the high price now an act of the fools? The sellers would be people who had bought at low and they sell at high. By buying now, would I be doing a buy high and later sell low? Or will it be buy high and sell higher? Mathematically, it just doesn't give me the good odds to chase after the high price. But emotionally, my gut feel say to bet on it. This is a trap! I followed my gut feel and lost heavily in the market. So this time, I shall just stand aside and let the bulls run. The only sure way of higher winning odds is buying when the market is oversold. Right now, it's obvious that it's so overbought.

A fellow Astrology Analysis trader had informed me about a bradley turn date on 13th July 2005. This turn is negative for the market before a strong astrology power presents itself on 18th July 2005. I included this astrology analysis in only for curiousity sake as i am still trading on T.A. However it must be noted that "Kong Ming" used astrology alot. haha!

As for my gems!!!!! *drum roll* Perfect! You should see the table I posted. All in positive territory and only 1 in negative territory. Maybe it's not a surprise since the winners to losers ratio is about 3:1. You have to be really unlucky not to be on the winner list. But! My gems has overcame the see-sawing of last week and stood firm at last week's closing. They are not affected by last week's massacre, where the likes of Cosco, noble got shot down. Simply, they are stable trades to make.

Alright, now that my trading system is working fine for me. I should be ready to go for the jugger soon. I shall announce the trade if i ever make one. I'm currently toying with the idea of trading warrants. You can see from my post of the Jurong Tech warants. Cheap and lucrative. I hope luck smiles on me this time.