Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gems continue to Tango!

It's a very happy day for me. All my gems cheonged! I spent the whole of last week wondering if my trading system really works when I saw many other counters rallied while my gems crawled at a slow pace. Patience it seems is needed for my system. If only I have the dough to own each and everyone of them. I could have recouped all my losses at 1 go! No wonder they say, the rich gets richer!

I wish to bring to your attention, my ex gem Hi-Pi. As soon as I dropped it over the weekend, it replied defiantly today with a +0.08 gain! I drop it because the weekly MacD is flat, trendless. It was initially thought to be smart to get out fast before it ticks down. Instead it ticks up! My cut loss was never triggered yet I drop this gem. What I did wrong here was to guess that it is turning down. Next time I shall wait for it to turn down as a confirmation. It's most satisfying that Jurong Tech continues to grow north! It's my new pick over the weekend and it justified that my system works! How wrong can I be? I mean so far all the gems generated from my systems rocked! Why should I not trust it? My gems are counters that are not yet overbought and have not cheong yet. Hence the risk/reward ratio is good.

This brings enough courage for me to cash trade for the first time in weeks.......I got vested in Unifiber today. In my chart reading yesterday(scroll down) I saw the weekly trend flattening...so I thought it should move either upwards or downwards very soon. Who would have expect it to cheong northwards on a hefty volume! The resistance 0.395 was overcame with such vigour that I joined the rally. Let's hope this is the first cash win for my system! :D

As for the market, it's quite a tight race today with the bulls winning by a slim margin and STI slightly down 5.6 points.
Vol 907.4 M, Val 793.6 M
Rise 254, Fall 209

Sesdaq, our pennies on the other hand posted gains and flooded the top active list. Time to grab some cheap lobangs? Tomorrow is bradley turn date in Astrology. It means something is coming. It could be good or bad for the market. Let's just watch. I don't do astrology analysis, i'm merely quoting a source just for my curiousity sake how Astrology Analysis works. A bomb went off in Barcelona but the damage is pale in comparison to London. Hence no impact on market so far. In a market where you have a 50% chance of on the losers side, my gems are on the winners side. Another strong evidence that I should trust my system.

And by the way, please read about NKF vs SPH. From this saga, I have decided to stop my monthly contribution to NKF. I be happier buying more tissue paper from the handicapped or donate directly to old folks home or any other place. This is my personal opinion and decision, i just need to express my disgust that's all.