Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorists Strike Again! Ta ma de!

By now you should know about the London blast that killed many. My heart goes to the victim. At the same time, it made me more angry with terrorism. Wait, being angry is an understatement, i am incensed! No respect for human lives at all, cannot get what they want and start killing innocent people? If I have the money or the power, I will not kill them. I will hang them by their balls! ta ma de!

With this latest strike on London, it reminded me of the Madrid blast last year. I have posted the charts of sesdaq and STI to see what happened to our market in the aftermath. Both index opened down and then close higher. Will history repeat itself? For the brave hearted, you may want to contra when it open lower. But for amateur like me, let's stand aside and observe.

Our market really got massacred,
Vol 718.2 M ; Val 943.2 M
Rise 171 ; Fall 320

This time the sell down is fast and furious and thick with volume. With the London blast factor, tomorrow is almost confirmed a bad day. US already started trading in negative territory. But all is not lost! Amazingly, my 4 gems survived the massacre today. They are left untouched! But I have my doubts in tomorrow's session. God damn the terrorists!

We already have Economy slow down and high oil price to worry about. Now with the resurfaced Terrorist factor, i wonder how long it will continue to weigh down on market. All analysts no matter how thorough your fundamental analysis or technical analysis is, you will never be able to avoid a catastrophe in the form of natural diasater or terrorists attacks. Hence cut loss is important. Isn't it ironic? I have been talking abt discipline and important of cut loss, yet I still holding on to HG-Metal. I'm psyching myself up for that.

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