Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Unifiber to rumble soon?

Day 2 of this trading week. My 4 gems are still resilent. Unifiber would be worthy of a mention! It's risk reward factor is very enticing at current level. I am so very tempted to really trade cash versus paper today. But, Discipline! I wanted paper trade to test my system and I shall stick to it. A trader without discipline is like a driver who don't observe traffic rules. He will get killed oneday!

13th July is a turn date according to Astrology analysis. Let's see if it comes true. I remember last time Zhuge Liang the great used to study Astrology to aid his combat tactics.

Penny stocks has really been flying of late. Refering to the charts on sesdaq and STI, it's easy to see why. The bullish divergence could be happening right in front of our eyes.

HGM, why am I still holding on to this hopeless counter? Emotions. It will be a very painful loss after holding this counter for nearly 7 months by now. Fundamentally, steel prices has dropped. Technically, the chart look damn bad. What am I still hoping for? I should cut....I should cut....

I have been alerted to buy MMI of late. But I didn't. I decide to stick to my trading system and give it a miss because I promise myself never to buy on rumours again after I got hit few months ago. Now I'm looking stupid. MMI has rocketed off and laughing at me from the north. I just have to keep trying, keep learning....it has been almost 1 year since I started to write my trading journal. Looking bad, I keep making the same bad trading mistakes. With this new blog, it's a new beginning. I will be a better trader. By working hard learning, there's only one way I can go, that is Improvement!