Monday, August 01, 2005

Property Index Defies Gravity!

As the crowd were worrying about a possible retracement by our property counters, they simply rock the roof off by giving investors yet another brilliant showing! This is definitely the hot sector now to get into. As my pocket is smaller, i opted to look at a potential outbreak named Ho Bee. You can view it's chart below. Yes, such dizzying height will cause a great painful fall for those who chase high. Do you agree with the statement? I used to think so and would not chase. But why not ride the trend with strict cut loss? To go with the flow or wait for the next round, you decide. I was reading "Lessons from the Greatest Stock Traders Of All Time and found that all these legends buy stocks that are moving. They bet on trend and cut if they are wrong. Something from today onwards that i will try to emulate. : ) They also have this bird eye view on the general market sentiment. Something that is similar to what i'm writting everynight. I try my best to put together where the market is heading. Given my limited economy sense, i need to brush up more!

News of Saudi King's Death has caused a spike in oil price. So far no changes to the oil policy was announced. But the threat of high oil price has once again threaten the stock market world wide. So far our market has been rather resilent to external news. It's still moving upwards to celebrate the nation's 40 yrs old birthday. We call it National Day Rally. Oh, of course the talk of Elections is on everyone's lips. Incase you don't know, there is also such a thing call election rally.

Looking at sectorial plays, I think property sector and oil, gas and energy sector will remain the leaders of our market. If you have any other thoughts, please share with all. Thanks in advance! Looking at the bigger picture and following the major sector can be very profitable!

I'm celebrating 2 months of non stop blogging today. Throughout this 2 months, i had learnt alot. I jumped from forums to friendsters inorder to boost the visitors to this site. I wanted to build a community of traders to share comments and ideas here to ultimately learn from each other. Looking at the daily average of 270 visitors per day now, i am very grateful to you for making this interaction corner possible.*take a bow* As from the technical learning aspect, I saw my worst mistakes right infront of my eyes......ill-disciplined cut loss and non stop hoping. I had found my invisible wall to growing money. I hope you had found yours. As my blog is getting more and more interest, my friend whom saw this site grew, got interested in what we are doing. He asked where he should get started. I think I advised him correctly, he has to choose between the role of investor or trader. Of course, we chosen the latter, a tough role that requires pure hardwork, commitment and passion. Trading is not suitable for everyone. Sacrifices has to be made.

Incase you are interested, I have sold out my Suntec Reits. Check out my reasons by clicking on the charts. All my researching shows that great legends never sit on losses. They only sit on profits.

Finally, if you like what I wrote, please check out my advertisements. Some of the great things I learnt are by following the links there. Do not think it's just pure products selling. Some links are like my site, providing free information for the busy and signing up free newsletter.

TAC: I don't see any trend, perhaps i'm not good enough. But i thought the declining volume in today's up looks uncomfortable. Could be box range trading.

I sold SunTec

Rotary: Selling seems to have dried up.

Property sector index

Ho Bee: the cheaper property choice for small pocket.