Tuesday, August 09, 2005

High Oil vs PM Lee

Oil touched new high amid fears of supply concerns. Did the market already knew? Or will the market react tomorrow? Looking abroad, our region's bourses are not having a great day. Looked like a mixed day of trading. I shall not decide my actions based on my anticipation right now. Let's see how our market react tomorrow. Then I will follow the trend.

PM Lee has said he expect better GDP for 2005 after recent strong showings. He also added that the next 5 years will be better than the last 5 years. Wow! Such confidence. I wonder will it motivate the market sentiment and test new highs again.

Which way will market follow? PM Lee? High Oil?

I spent a great deal of time in reorganising my watch lists according to sector. Now I will only be looking at these counters closely. No more wild goose chasing and certainly no more look good penny stocks.

Warrents. The talk of the town. Aunties and Uncles has whacked warrants in the recent rally. Warrents are a good way to trade blue chips or expensive counters. But I wonder if Aunties and Uncles know it is for trading and not investing? I hope the brokers are ethical enough to remind them incase they decided to invest in warrent.

If you read this far, I'm going to reward you. :D Please take a look at SPH and Noble warrents. They look promising. Their mother shares are threatening a breakout. When mother share breakout, i'm sure you know what the babies will do right? *wink*

And once again, I hope you guys check out the advertisements for great trading strategies or ideas. Some even has free charts.

Starhub, a star buy!

SPH - Breakout

Semb Marine

Noble, surprise of the last 2 sessions

Capital Land - Temasek pared it's holdings...