Thursday, August 04, 2005

HGM Dumped.....Decipher Reborned!

Let me share with you. I made a very brave decision today. It is my biggest loss to date. I finally let go of this emotional baggage. HGM has been cut by me. I bought at 0.540 and sold at 0.460. The relationship begins in Nov'04 whenHGM gave me my first biggest win. Now it had taken it away from me and more. Is it painful to cut? yes. But it's the sensible and right thing to do. I have grew numb of looking at the loss everyday anyway. It created a negative feeling and hinder my trading prowess. I have been ridiculed at and look silly talking about investing when I am sitting on a loss with HGM. I was losing because i sat on paper loss. Now, I have lost. The difference is, after a lost, it's a lost and you move on from here. Losing? It means you will still be losing (Imagine falling into a bottomless pit) until you cut.

People have ridiculed me as someone who stupidly lose on the market. I feel otherwise, everytime i lose i learnt something new and fine tuned my system. The past does not equals to the future! I have talked so much about legends who don't sit on losses, they cut when they are wrong. How stop loss is very important to trading. And then? I still hold on to HGM?? What a contradiction! Now my portfolio contains only profits and I will keep it this way. In the future, any trade that i take, if i'm wrong, I will cut! No more hoping. Decipher Reborned!

Ok time to talk about the market. Retracement day! Tomorrow is a Friday, i don't see any motivation for buyers to step in. I sense market toppish....shrinking volume, upper shadows after a run of 6 rally days. Is this a breather? Is this the retracement? Economic front wise, nothing negative is reported, we are still expecting a good 2H GDP! Watch your profit closely. If market absorb the selling well, not much volume on a down day, then I would think the rally ain't done yet!

Ho Bee: Is it really a Hay Bee or a prawn?
The volume of this new high is lower than when it first test the resistance. Could be a false breakout.

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