Monday, January 19, 2009

Bradley turn date is here!

The bradley turn date which i am wary of since last week is finally here. This is known as astrology analysis... how come so coincidence that the Obama inauguration is on this day? Nan dao... it's really tian yi? keke Anyway, for the next few weeks, i would be busy at my work desk because i got some projects running and talking to some brokerage houses on marketing campaigns. That's why you don't see me chatting on the blog... but i will be back after i close some corporate deals. wahahaha

We had our traders club meeting tonight and the outcome of the meeting is everyone is looking to short once support gives way. With the current rebound in the stock market.... it is time to look out for those highs to ambush again. Current levels are still too close to support. Hence it's better for me to wait for the rebound to end. Still holding on to my shorts. I think by Thursday, i will know whether i am right or wrong for my bearish view. Meanwhile just twiddle fingers and wait for Dow to trade tomorrow night! Currently FTSE is threatening to break 4k... if only HSI and Nikkei leads STI to holland... then it will be a good CNY... keke

A pretty muted market today... volume seems to have been dwindling down after the roaring start to 2009. It is important to observe how market reacts to the new budget this Thursday. So the question to ask should be what is the plan if the market rallies after the announcement, or what is the plan if the market falls after it. The wrong question to ask is, will market goes up or down after the budget. This type of question only causes confusions as you will be trying to guess the direction. You are not in control and also don't know what to look out for.

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