Monday, November 27, 2006

What goes up, must come down

STI invalidated yet another reversal signal today by closing very high. But! The cracks were there, I saw many stocks struggling to close higher and the volume today is lighter. The recent runup is just amazing. After taking profit from 2 trades, I am now left with 4 stocks. To protect these 4 stocks against any sudden bear strikes, I bought a HSI PW to hedge. Should there be any major sell down, my Put Warrants will give me profits which offset my paper loss in the 4 stocks. If market continues it's upward movement, I will ride on my 4 stocks and lose on the warrant.

I'll not be looking to add stocks. Instead, after selling my 2 shares, I have funds to fund my futures trading account! keke I reckon that should the market corrects from here, shorting the index will be a good way to make money. :P

I am happy to announce there are now only 4 seats left for my Saturday's class!! I have prepared practise charts that will help you understand the theories better or better still, ask me directly and save all the typings. haha
Lai lai Interested party please register at choose the 2nd December 2006 class where I am the trainer hor.

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