Monday, November 06, 2006

Eat Pig, Pay Dog

Merril Lynch did it again!!! A report by them on Chinasun sent the stock rebounded fiercely back into the 70s! We have seen them done this a couple of times and they have done it once again. If I tell you i am not *tulan, I am being dishonest!

HSI went crazy and barged into new highs! With US under pressure on Friday, I thought today's going to be a goner, but to my pleasant surprise... Ah Gu is back! Especially China Stocks, i have been noticing them, they seems like taking turn to rally.

By the way, those who are not in my growmoney yahoo group, quickpicks are back!!! As of Sunday, I'm going to start sending quickpicks to my yahoo group. Here in this blog, I will continue to share my observations on the market. But i will still declare when I buy in the shoutbox wherever possible. Like today, I was at HDB hub for their walk in time to get online. But I bought my quickpicks. :D Not making money yet hor.... !@#!@#!@ they bo cheong...nevermind, maybe tomorrow! :D

Haiyo!!! Longcheer why cheong so fast!!! I not enough money to buy leh!! ChinaSky wait for a few more days will die isit??? Really is pui ah! This few weeks has been a "eat pig pay dog" for me. Nothing fantastic so far except profits in Cosco is swelling up. :D

XPertTrader has released a screen rule on MacD Histogram!!! Yeah!! I have been bugging them for it and my Christmas present came 1 month earlier! hahaha For those who are still not familiar with MacD Histogram, you should check out this indicator, it's my favourite trend reversal reading indicator!

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