Monday, November 13, 2006

Nasty Surprise from Celestial

Celestial has been the talk of the town with it's surprising strong sell down today. On the contary, something seems to be brewing with ChinaHong. $2 stock now!!! Amazing! It goes to show how volatile china stocks are. Take extra precaution when trading them. Anyway, you will find that I have been very quiet lately. This doesn't mean i have stopped trading. I just acquired Gallant last Friday. F&N a stock shortlisted last Thursday moved up 8 cents today. I wonder if Gallant will disappoint me.

Anyway, I have cut a number of stocks, Chinasun, MediaRing and Synear. Yes, Synear. Bloody hell!!! Today went up. It goes to show last week sell down was "man made". Tricky!

Current holdings:
Gallant @ 0.920
SembKim @ 0.650
ChinaDairy @ 0.560
Cosco @ 1.31
Midas @ 1.02
Tat Hong @ 1.17

2 stocks i am looking at tomorrow:

Weak pullback with volume will be perfect entry for me. Otherwise, a quiet open may be another good opportunity to enter.

Indices wise, I am looking at Nikkei for a chance to play long. The strong rebound today caught my eyes. As soon as there is bottoming action, i shall long a strike at 16,000.

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