Monday, June 27, 2005

STI fumbled!

Our stock market is finally unable to withstand the selling pressure and ended down 17.01 points today. Another poor 2H GDP guidance followed by a weak industrial output wrecked a rather resilent market. Black gold had finally broken the US$60 barrier during US trading time when I blog this edition. The selling ain't done yet. Watch out.

How did my darlings performed?
  1. Noble: Closed at 1.43. The retracement was expected, but it should not fall below 1.40 in the upcoming sessions.
  2. MFS: As thought it would be, collapsed. Tech stocks are simply too volatile and makes trading them exciting! Today it closed down -0.035 to 0.655. Got this one right! : )
  3. ChinaPetro: Closed down -0.01 at 0.415. Volume is only 83k, very light. Will collect somemore via paper trade. :P
  4. Singpost: After an intra day low of 1.00, it rebounded to close at 1.03. Got this one right! : )
  5. Macquaire Stuck at 1.16 and 1.15......ding ding dong dong ding ding dong...consolidation?
  6. DataCraft down 1 cent to close at 1.110, a further retracement closer to 1.04 will be good to get vested base on risk/reward ratio.
  7. Comfordelgro: As mentioned in the last blog, high oil price will hurt transportation company. This one close down 4 cents.