Monday, June 20, 2005

Kiang jiu ho, mai kei kiang! *hokkien

After tweaking my formula last week, it's a disasterous opening session to the week. Although i got it correct that the opening session will be negative, never thought my picks perform just as worse. Infact only TPV should be in my list. The other picks are manipulated. I could only find TPV using my formula hence i tweaked my formula and the rest of the jokes came out. This shows that, "Kiang jiu ho, mai kei kiang! *hokkien" Anyway, with TPV hovering at -0.04 beginning of the week, I shall wait for a chance to contra it. The rest is simply rubbish! Unless Friday prove otherwise. By the way, crude oil is trading at US$59 level...insane!

TPV: support at 1.07.

Singpost, Raffles Edu & People's food finish today with superb volume. Lesson to be learnt here. Let's see how it turns out tomorrow.