Thursday, June 16, 2005

Eyes on Jurong Tech

Fine tuning my system, i found out that buying on Friday closing can capitalise on profits better. Hence I searched high and low for the gems next week and found nothing much. Not surprising as oil prices are screaming at $US55 per barrel. Most of the day this week has been flat and mixed. It's the best time to test and fine tune my system. A wiseman once told me, everyone can be a winner in a bullish market, only the experts profits in a bear market.

Having said so much, here's my trading strategy for tomorrow, buy Jurong Tech at closing tomorrow and sell +0.03 next week.

I'm still queuing to sell sunpower and Macquaire. While i'm still confident that Sunpower can turn in profit. But I can't say the same for Macquaire...because I knn see wrongly!!! hahaha! It shouldn't even be in my GEM list this week. Damn!