Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Spot on!

Refering to my posting on the first day of the week, I am spot on in my analysis. Indeed shares start to turn up today. Somemore for tomorrow? As good as anybody's guess. But as a rule of thumb, never predict what will happen, just follow the market trend.

Unifiber indeed rocked all the way to 0.395 today. Again I was spot on. But I did not contra. My fear overcame me. But it is uncanny enough why my paper trading always better my cash trading. Heaven playing a joke on me? Maybe I should just give up trading completely?

Today's action was helped by a further decline in oil price to US$58. Anymore decline and we will see another positive session tomorrow.

Here's what I gathered from my system for tomorrow's action.

Stats Chippac: 1.19 ; target 1.22
Starhub: 1.700 ; 1.72
Sarin: 0.400 ; 0.410
Pearl Energy: 1.65 ; target 1.70
Labroy Marine: 0.770 ; target 0.780
Interra: 0.335 ; target 0.370