Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pick for next week!

With Oil price raging notoriously high at $US58, trade with care! I suspect a down on the first few sessions of the week before a pickup from mid week on.
Here's the list for this coming week's action: Counters and their closing on 17/6/05

TPV: 1.13 ; target price = 1.16
LeongHin: 0.34 ; target price = 0.360
Beyonics: 0.335 ; target price = 0.355
Ace Achieve: 0.16 ; target price = 0.175

"Have a plan? Trade with a plan!" This will ensure decision not clouded by daily close. I have seen counters retrace more than 50% of previous session and then spring back to life at the last session. My plan is simple, hit the target and run, be it on a mon, tues, wed, thurs or fri. I have an Objective to keep in mind, I am trading and not investing.