Monday, June 29, 2009

Show me the volume

A super quiet session... very light... that's why we see the price swings up and down easily. Nothing conclusive from this session.... the waiting game continues...

The next direction with volume should indicate where we are heading. As of now, long or short may make peanuts... but when the direction suddenly breaks out, i may lose more than those small wins. I rather be patient and wait for a clear chance. I was tempted to initiate a short position in "anticipation" of a weak market going forward. My friend reminded me that it doesn't pay to be hero at this stage. With such light volume, market can go either way and i will get whipsaw out.

Weather is so different tonight as compared to the last few days.. it is so cool. My senses tell me the temperature is perhaps at a comfortable 28 degrees tonight. If only Singapore is always this weather, how nice. Perhaps this is the type of market where traders can take some time off the market and relax. A sms disrupted my peaceful night as i am penning down my thoughts tonight. MinDef reminder to attend ICT in July... argh!!! Hopefully no need to stay in then can still trade! :D OTherwise got to smuggle my 3G phone to camp liao.

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