Sunday, June 07, 2009

Financials and Commodities to pull ahead?

2400 remains a stubborn resistance for STI. It looked as if we are going to turn ugly from here but the market remains resilient. From my sector analysis performance chart, it looked like Financials and Commodities may be leading the next charge at 2400.

Props and the rest remains weak for now. Offshore looks kinda of flat for now. We can understand why, a quick glimpse at the charts and you can see that they are not moving in unison for now. Everyone is surprised to see Cosco lagging.... Kepcorp has a customer bankrupted, SembMar mysteriously came down. Maybe a consolidation is good for this sector.

I was flipping my archives today and found this >>> .... the day i broke even. : ) Whenever i read this... it reminds me to be humble and stick my foot firmly on the ground. Especially the part on wedding... a wedding delayed... haha what was i thinking back then!

C, this is dedicated to you... i hope you know my drift...

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