Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bye bye Michael Jackson

The world lost it's greatest pop star Michael Jackson... this legend really took the world by storm and through his popularity i saw what stardom is really about. Simply awesome. Growing up in the 80s... no way you will not hear about him. No matter how hard other stars try, he is still the only one whose music and name bring together different race, differnt country. His energy on stage is infectious. Though not a big fan, but i remember Tony Robins in his tapes mentioned Michael's success wasn't by chance.. he worked hard to achieve it. He knows what he wanted, he worked till he gets there. If only i can keep up with his kind of dedication, discipline and passion.... my dreams will come true too.

*snap* Get on with market!

Was last week's weak closing due to the usual Friday weakness? Or was it a warning to what may lie ahead. This is the pop-up that i had anticipated since last week. The weak closing spoil what otherwise i feel maybe a good chance to scale 2400. Furthermore the hammer on the weekly chart isn't on any significant support and hence i feel it may be just a pause in the selling. Hence i still opt to be prudent. There are times i feel extremely at ease at assessing the direction, currently it is definitely not the case. To make matters worse, my left eye keep twitching.. i wonder what bad news looms... It will be auspicious if we close next week a white candle. This would mean any intra week weakness may be a good chance to go long. It will be super duper good if Dow breaks the 200-dma... i'm sure alot of T.A practitioner is eyeing that. However, if we indeed start July in the wrong foot, then i am better off looking to short.

Commodities stocks looking hesistant... perhaps Alcoa result may give it the push it so sorely needed. I still have my long position in properties. Lets see what Monday brings.

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