Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 more try to scale Mt 2400

Nikkei led this superb rally today.. the usually weak Nikkei has the audacity to test 10,000 points. HSI and STI both are now closer to the previous high..18,900 and 2400 respectively. If we can close the week above these levels.. bullish! Even Dow is very close to 9k...

I favour two sectors - Properties and Commodities as they shown great volume behaviour over the last 2 days. Especially for today where the whole market moves up a gear in anticipation of a rally! Yeah... it's in the air... we can all smell it. Only Dow stands in the way between a nightmare and a sweet dream.

I have a whole long list of signals. Signalling that this may be the next wave upwards. This time really must maximise the opportunity.

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