Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sister stock trading

Swiber and Swissco playing like sister stocks. I personally like to trade on stocks like this. If you compare the 2 charts, you will find that it has the same pattern. Why do they have the same pattern and price actions? My dear friends, stock market is a very complex place and I leave it to your imagination what had happened as I only dare mention behind closed doors.. keke

Swiber: A reminiscence of Cosco. I received question why am i holding on to Swiber ? Other than it's in the sector which I am in favour of doing well this year, simply the stock didn't break the trendline. I have said many times, technical analysis is not difficult. It is only difficult if you are trying to find the holy grail. The experienced ones will tell you, no way would you find a sure win T.A reading. The simpler you use T.A, the easier it is. If you don't see an obvious positive sign, just sit aside. Jesse Livermore said, " Only fools believe they should trade daily, big money is made by sitting tight" However, Livermore is only half right..... capital market has become global and more volatile than his time. I personally have friends who are very good at contra and making money intraday. I wish I could join them, but realistically speaking, I do not have the time to sit in front whole day and monitor the prices. Hence I would be a pig waiting to be slaughtered and it will be a sure way to decapitalise my account

Swissco: Look at the similarity between the 2 stock.

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UnionMet was thrown out on 13th Apr after the disappointing results and it broke it's support.

Ulu Counters (Speculative):


I won't be showing price levels anymore because many people are guessing my networth when they saw my last portfolio before I liquidated during the Feb meltdown. keke But if you die die must know, you can follow everyday when did I buy and when did I sell and do a cross check on the price on that day. :P

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